The City of Brotherly Love: Fairmount Edition

Emily, creator of and long time blogger for HerPhilly, recently published an article sharing stories about 11 individuals and why they love their neighborhoods at which they reside in Philly. From Rittenhouse to Fishtown, these 11 ladies share something else in addition to their area code: they love Philadelphia.

Emily’s article is a tremendous resource for anyone who is considering moving to the City of Brotherly Love or relocating within it.

I’m slowly approaching the one year anniversary of signing my lease in the 215. Aside from the haphazard distribution of tickets from my friends at the Philadelphia Parking Authority, I have fallen in love with the city that has only been 75 miles away from me my entire life. Following Emily’s article, here’s why Fairmount has stolen my heart:



How long you’ve lived there: 11 months and counting!

Why you originally choose it: My roommate and I are both students at Drexel University. I attend the main campus in University City while hers is in Center City. Since we both rely on walking as our main source of transportation, we actively looked to find an apartment that would house us at an even split between the two campuses. We love our decision with Fairmount and the apartment building we live in!

A few words describing your neighbors: Quiet, welcoming, and considerate.

Favorite thing about your neighborhood: Fairmount is a beautiful neighborhood that has a small town vibe but big city views! The area is quiet and safe, and there are an abundance of local places to walk to that make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a history book. My next door neighbor is the Art Museum, so my roof deck allows for some pretty tremendous panoramic sights. I love that Center City is only a quick ten minute walk away, but when I don’t feel like making that hike, Fairmount has it’s own plethora of dining and bar options to choose from!


Our roof-deck view!

What you would change about your neighborhood: My building is centralized between the museums and the Penitentiary. With that said, finding parking can sometimes be a task and a half. I’d love to see more (affordable) parking options for residents!

Shoutout to Emily at HerPhilly for the inspiration for this post, and thank you for continuing to keep us city gals up to speed with all things Philly!

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